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We are a leading Clothing Apparel Buying House in Chittagong, Bangladesh. and executing client work orders with Garments Manufacturers to export high end quality products of knit and woven items with very competitive price.

Founded in 2014, Heartson Fashion has grown Clothing sector into one of USA, EUs top hundred men*s, boys Swim Suit Military Uniform resource media. Initially, Established as an Active Performance Wear resources, the company has continually evolved into one of the most diversified supplier, agency in the field. That day, Heartson Fashion provides a comprehensive range of Clothing in #Men*s Military Combat Uniform Camouflage Battle Swim Suit. Boys Polo, TShirt, Sports, Outer, Casual, Active, School Wear. Girls Dresses, Childrens Apparel Fashion products to an equally expansive roster of clients buying at every level of retailing. extending from exclusive specialty departmental stores to USA, EU*s largest retail chain store groups.

To Act Bridge Between the Buyers And the Manufacturers.

These advantages are now further enhanced by continual improvements in Clothing design, buying and sourcing apparel on Men*s Military Uniform, Boys, Girls, Polo, Tee, Shirt, Pant, Dresses. Swim Suit which reflected in the Heartson Fashion Collection's rich fabrications and upscale styling. The same focus on fashion is evident in the Company's various high end label collections. as well as its other extended top brands including Wal*Mart, GAP, Target. Heartson Fashion also develops supply chain network and produces complete private label brand programs for many of the USA, EU*s top-ranked apparel retailers.

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